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Do you want to fill up a child’s heart?

School is starting! And we have a number of disabled children that want to attend St. Mary’s Catholic primary school new special education program. There are 8 special needs students who are planning to attend our new classroom! Many have never attended school before or tried the public school but found it too difficult.

In addition, there are siblings of these special education program that need to attend school also with in order to help with their sibling. In total, 17 students need scholarships as their parents cannot afford to send them to our school.

Our special ed students’ tuition is $15/month, as the class will be small, have a teacher and an assistant and lots of resources to help the students learn!

To sponsor a sibling’s tuition is $6/month.

Is there a student you would like to help send to school? They are so excited for school and to meet you!


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