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We're on a mission to make God's love visible!

Mary's Missionaries is an international development and relief organization dedicated to making God's love visible by providing for the fundamental needs of people in war-torn and impoverished countries.

Our mission is to make God's love visible in the world through the expression of unconditional love, empathy, and service to the poor and vulnerable. 

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Our Vision

Mary's Missionaries' vision is for each individual to be valued as a member of their community, and for all communities to work together for the common good. We encourage communities to use their skills and resources to support their needy populations and to love one another.


Our Missionaries

Our lay missionaries are spread across four countries in Africa and Central America. We work with local churches and volunteers in Belize, Djibouti, and Ethiopia to establish community projects that encourage the self-sufficiency of their benefactors.

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Our Programs

Our programs are focused on creating communities that live by values that improve their societies. We house the homeless in Ethiopia, feed the hungry in Djibouti, and empower small business owners in Belize.

Give Today!


That is the portion of your donations that will go directly towards funding Mary's Missionaries' ministries. Our operating expenses are paid for privately, so you can have confidence that your support will be stewarded with the greatest care.

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